Hey I'm Brennan.

(Yes it’s a boys name but I LOVE it). I’m the owner of Cirque91. The name Cirque91 is an homage to my favorite extra curricular activity, aerial silks and a special year. If you want to see some videos of my aerial fitness they can be found on my personal Instagram.

But enough about that! Lets get to why you’re really here. 

I’m a photographer because there’s something about capturing a moment, an emotion or an interaction that brings me so much joy. Before I committed to making my photography services into a business, I did it for free. Simply because I loved it.

My goal during our sessions

is to capture something that you can't see or do so on your own

I want those in between moments when your significant other makes you laugh and nothing but joy lights up your face. That moment when you truly feel you’ve never felt more beautiful and start to glow and you’re proud of yourself, those are the moments I want deliver to you.

Not only that but I want you to be able to see that which you haven’t witnessed or experienced. The bright parts that shine and make you light up. The parts that others that love you see but you don’t.

Lets chat!

More Kind Words

More Kind Words

"Brennan is a great photographer! She is awesome to work with and made my boyfriend and I feel very comfortable. She was punctual and got us our pictures right away. We would love to work with her again and we highly recommend her."

—Amelia F.

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