May 31, 2019

Ashley Black's Wedding Dress Try-On at David's Bridal

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The first of us

This is probably the first time I realized that we're getting older. Yeah we all (well most of us) graduated and went on to get 9-5 jobs, this was really the first moment when it truly hit me.

young lady trying on wedding dress at davids bridal in winston salem north carolina
woman trying on dress for her wedding at a bridal shot in winston salem

David's Bridal @ Winston Salem

Ahead of time Ashley shared with me her Pinterest of what she was looking for wedding wise. She had already called ahead and knew that she wanted a A-Line dress but wasn't sure about the top or how decorative she wanted it. Being the AMAZING friend she is, she let take these pictures of her trying on dresses.

strapless a-line wedding dress

Getting closer and closer

After a few duds we reached this dress. It was high possibility. The only problem was that the dress was strapless. Ladies, as you know strapless dresses can be, tempremental to say the least. One of things Ashley and entire bridal party bonded over was our love for going out and dancing. So this was a hard pass.

Something to note

The "bling" around the dress? That was added on. The dress itself was plain (but gorgeous), our bridal dress consultant showed how the dress could be spruced up a bit with a simple detail. To say the least I fell in love with this bling. I was so close to purchase it on my own. To wear where you ask!? No clue. My being screamed that I needed it. Because it was shiny.

wedding dress bodice with jewels
boho wedding dress
burnette trying on wedding gown showing off her back and the train from the dress
wedding gown bodice detail
davids bridal wedding shoes with jewels

And then finally...

We found her. The perfect dress. Ashley couldn't take the dress off. She just glowed in it. She was confident. She looked FANTASTIC! This was it! She found it!

associate helping bride to be adjust wedding dress
bride to be smiling with the dress she chose and a tiara
future bride grinning with her favorite dress and a crown
woman trying on regal wedding dress and crown
young lady grinning with tiara in davids bridal in winston salem
woman smiling about her wedding dress
full gown shot of wedding dress young lady loves
bride to be thinking about her fiance and ringing a bell
bride to be wearing a tiara