March 21, 2020

Beth + Ryan - Wedding at the Museum of Natural Science | Raleigh, NC


How the proposal went down

This one time at band camp...Ryan and Elizabeth met! Who would’ve thought that 13 years later they’d have one of the most unique weddings I’ve seen to date. Four years ago these wonderful souls got together and decided to build a life together to the beat of their own drum. Ryan ended up popping the question in Scotland at the Dunedin Castle. When asked, Elizabeth gave an enthusiastic “I super do”!

dome at the museum of natural science
fossilized skeleton of t rex
bride walking behind groom
bride sneaking up on groom
groom turning around to see bride
groom smiling while looking at bride in museum
bride starting to hug groom
bride and groom finish first look
bride and groom kiss and embrace each other
dinosaur bones behind bride and groom as they look at each other
top of dome visible while bride and groom kiss passionately
bride and groom touch noses while in downtown raleigh
bride and groom almost kiss in front of nc museum of natural sciences
newly weds dance in downtown raleigh
bride shows groom dress while outside
bride strokes fly away hair from grooms face
man and wife discuss wedding details on skywalk
bride and groom nuzzle noses on skywalk
bride and groom almost kiss on sky walk
wedding portraits on skywalk
wedding couple portraits at museum of natural sciences in raleigh
groom whispering sweet nothings into brides ear
bride and groom kiss for a potrait in front of preserved biology
bride and groom kiss in taxidermy room at north carolina museum of natural sciences
bride and groom embrace in front of nc muesem
bride and groom laugh in pedestrian downtown walkway in raleigh
bride and groom walking away
bride and groom running away

Exchanging Vows

The celebration of their union was truly creative. Everything was dinosaur and reptile related. On their reception tables there were dinosaur figurines big and small. They even took pictures in the faux aquarium and the taxidermy room. The icing on the cake (pun intended) was when Elizabeth’s dad began the father-daughter dance wearing a giant T-Rex mask! 

bride and groom exchanging vows in front of dow oak events DJ
dow oak events dj playing while bride and groom look at each other on dance floor
bride and groom seal love with a kiss
father of the bride in dinosaur head dances with his daughter after exchanging of vows
bride and groom laughing at father of bride with dinosaur head costume on
bride dancing with her father without the dinosaur head

First stop, the courthouse

Elizabeth and Ryan actually got married at the Courthouse prior to their reception and pronouncement of vows at the Natural Science Museum located in Downtown Raleigh. Their reception was a DREAM and it couldn’t have happened without these wonderful vendors ;

Cake + Catering: Rocky Top Catering

DJ: Dow Oak Events

newly weds cut the cake together
bride and groom cut the cake provided by rocky top catering
bride laughing
bride trying to get slice of cake onto plate
bride smiley excitedly about cake
bride and groom looking behind them at family members
groom laughing at his bride
bride and groom feed rocky top catering cake to each other in front of family and friends
bride and groom kiss each other with cake on their faces
bride sneaking another slice of cake without anybody watching

Party Time

I don’t think there was a single person at the reception who didn’t break it down on the dance floor. This crowd knew how to PARTY! Those memories will be keeping me going through this self-isolating/ social distancing/ great-excuse-to-eat-hummus-and-cucombers-all-day-in-my-sweatpants COVID-19 crisis.   

groom twirling bride on the dance floor
bride dancing with purple light from dow oak event dj works
bride and groom lovingly dancing in each others embrace

Hopefully these photos will bring you some joy and happiness in these (painfully boring) and ever-changing times. Feel free to contact me with any questions/concerns/inquiries!