July 17, 2019

Chelsea | Summer Bohemian Bridal Portraits | Raleigh Photographer

Styled Shoots

i've wanted to do a styled shoot for a long time

My friend Chelsea, if you can’t tell, is always the first person to volunteer to put up with my photography session shenanigans. I tried something new this time and instead of taking pictures at sunset, we woke up and took pictures right after sunrise

bohemian bride to be holding pink bouquet in the woods
bohemian bride sitting in the grass at a park in Raleigh North Carolina

a different time than i usually shoot

I’ve taken pictures at the actual sunrise before and I was expecting more the golden glow rather than a more yellow pinkish hue that comes with the sunrise. Also, here in North Carolina, the humidity is thick and the temperatures have been peaking in the hundreds. 

affordable boho wedding dress

I definitely wanted to try some bridal portraits and photography. I was really interested in the “boho theme that I was constantly seeing on Pinterest. The problem was that Chelsea and I are somewhat superstitious. You aren’t suppose to put on a wedding dress until you’re engage. So instead we went to amazon.

We found this dress for $30 and it was gorgeous! It’s actually supposed to be used as a maternity gown but we felt with a flower crown and bouquet, this maternity dress could be transformed into a full blown bohemian styled wedding gown. 

If you want the flower crown you can get it here. The dress was here. I was able to get the bouquet from Facebook marketplace for $10. The lady I bought it from was moving from her house and was trying to just get rid of it. It’s gorgeous and is a staple to the entire session.

close up portrait of boho brides make up and flower crown

as a whole, i'm very content with how this shoot turned out

It was good to get some different experiences in different lighting as the well. The first photo up to is in direct sunlight while the rest were taken when the sun was behind the clouds