August 11, 2019

Couple & Family Photography - Lake Crab Tree Park - Cary, North Carolina

Family Portraits, Couple Portraits

Cam & Al'Drena Miller

Al'Drena originally approached via Facebook

I had advertised on a post on Facebook that I was looking for couple to add to my portfolio. I'd had plenty of solo test shoots so this was a way to network and get a little bit out of my element.

mother and father romantically holding hands at sunset
couple dancing in the field in raleigh north carolina

We had to reschedule our family photography session a couple of times

The first session, I believe, was rescheduled because Cam was sick? I can't exactly remember why. Then the next time it was suppose to rain. Regardless we found the perfect date that would work. We met in the parking lot at Lake Crab Tree park around 7pm.

african american couple embracing and smiling at each other

Couple Session or Family Session?

At first Al'drena and I had discussed whether we wanted to do an exclusively couple session or a family session. Her parents live little farther away and couldn't find a babysitter so she asked me if she could bring her daughter and son. OF COURSE! The more the merrier! I explained to her that I didn't extensive experience with families but I'd definitely give it a shot if there was time at the end of the session.

wife caressing husbands face
husband and wife dancing at lake crab tree park in cary north carolina
wife and husband in love

First; capturing the emotion between lovers

There is this gorgeous vine covered archway at Lake Crabtree Park and after walking past a few times in the past, I knew I had to take the opportunity to grab a shot.

couple touching foreheads under vine covered archway
husband and wife gazing into each others eyes

Finishing up the couple session

We walked over to the field and grabbed a few more pictures of the wedded couple and then we gave the children permission to run wild!

husband and wife touching forheads with the sunset in the background
husband and wife touching forheads with the sunset in the background

Candid shots are the best shots

I don't know what I was expecting but I captured some of my most favorite images of children in their natural state of play. So many cute memories of Cam chasing his son (who was determined to escape) and Al'Drena walking side by side with her daughter.

“If I could see the world through the eyes of a child; what a wonderful world this would be”

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black family photographer
african american family photographer in raleigh north carolina
daughter and mother holding hands walking through the park at sunset
daughter chasing after mother
brother and sistering chasing each other in the park in cary north carolina
black family portrait at lake crab tree park in raleigh north carolina
young child smiling
older sister and younger brother playing at sunset in the park in cary