November 1, 2019

Lauren + Gillbert | NC State Fair | Couple Session

Couple Portraits

NC State Fair - Raleigh,North Carolina

Lauren + Gillbert

Cotton Candy Bliss

Although it was challenge to coordinate the meeting of this session, I'm so glad that we found each other in the end. This fall I had the opportunity to work with a truly one of a kind couple! Living in Raleigh, NC I’ve really grown to LOVE fair days. Being a part of Lauren and Gillbert’s #StateFair2019 experience made it my favorite one to date! Scroll through for some serious Fair Inspo. 

man kissing woman's forhead
girlfriend feeding boyfriend cotton candy at north carolina fair
couple eating cotton candy together
couple in raleigh north carolina
couple at fair
girlfriend and boyfriend flirting with each other
boyfriend staring lovingly at his girlfriend outside at the fair
girlfriend and boyfriend looking cute

State Fair Skii Lift

One of my favorite parts of the job is getting to know the couples I work with and learn about their relationship dynamics. Did you know Gillbert is TERRIFIED of heights? Regardless of his fear, he braved the heights to get this dreamy picture with his girl (#DoItForTheGram). 

couple cuddling on skii lift at state fair
couple looking at the fair ground from the skii lift in raleigh north carolina
couple cuddling on an yellow skii lift chair at the state fair in north carolina

Fun Fact!

Gillbert was planning on surprising Lauren with this photoshoot. But, like a SMART man, he decided to let Lauren in on the little secret so she could help coordinate their outfits. He was then bested at nearly all of the fair games. This man has clearly learned a thing or two about how to make and keep his lady happy. But I mean, LOOK AT HER! Wouldn’t you bend over backwards for her too?

boyfriend and girlfriend holding hands walking through the fair
couple kissing in front of ferris wheel at county fair
couple almost kissing at county fair
couple hugging at county fair
couple dancing at county fair

All of the Lights

Lauren and Gillbert have been together for 6 months and they are a match made in HEAVEN. These two are so in love that it comes through clearly in their pictures. It’s true what they say – a picture is worth a thousand words and these two have a long road of happiness and memories ahead of them. Best of luck and well wishes as they continue tackling life together with their sweet pupper.