November 8, 2019

Roger + Amanda | Intimate Halloween Wedding


Zebulon, North Carolina

Even though I've been photographing events and weddings for almost a decade now, Amanda & Rogers intimate self planned wedding was my first "official" wedding photography gig under my new business, Cirque91.

With her and Roger being engaged for the the best part of 3 years, it gave her ample amount of time to plan her wedding down to the very last detail. She held her ceremony and reception in at Roger's family's place in the up and coming quaint town of Zebulon. I wouldn't necessarily call it a suburb but if I you weren't from North Carolina and needed to use your imagination, Zebulon would be exactly how I described it.

Amanda & I immediately boned when I met up with her to walk around the property and get idea of where things were going to be and the ideas and though process behind their decision. We really meshed well with our highly (almost to the point of insanity) attention to detail and overall type A personalities.

Their wedding was held on a late afternoon on Halloween. Yeah, that's right. They had their wedding on their favorite holiday. They even encouraged all of the guest to show up dressed up and ready to celebrate their union.

wedding sign in front of hay bales with orange black and white balloons

Upon arriving at the ceremony site, you can easily see how much thought and purposeful-ness was put forth in all the little details about the wedding.

deejay rentals ten decorated for halloween
orange bow on deejay rental tent
trick or treat wedding gift bags

After grabbing a few shots of the reception and ceremony site, I headed over the bridal suite where the bride herself and her bridesmaids were getting ready. I captured some important details along with her and Roger's ring. The final touches were finished and Amanda's mom helped her put on her dress. She was soon whisked away off to re appear walking down the aisle to meet her soulmate..

bride checking her make up in the mirror
mother of the bride helping her put on her dress
groom at intimate wedding smiling

Back at the ceremony site, Roger, though cool and collected, was just a tad bit nervous. Trying to dissipate the tension by side eyeing me through the camera.

intimate halloween wedding in zebulon
bridesmaids at an intimate wedding holding bouquets
bride and father of the bride walking down the ailse
groom saying vows in front of friends and family
groom kisses the bride after they are married
bride and groom walking hand in hand in zebulon north carolina
bride and groom leaving intimate ceremony site kissing

The ceremony went off without a hitch. It was sweet and heartfelt. Truly them.

Next after leaving the ceremony site, it was time for friends and family portraits. These got cut short because of the arrival of the cake.

Important note**** If you're having a wedding and the cake is outside, it COULD melt. Just keep that in mind.

But LOOK! Look at how CUTE!

simply cakes cake decorated for halloween
bride and groom cutting cake made by simply cakes
icing pumpkin dressed up as bride and groom on top of simple cake

This cake was made by Simply Cakes! Their link is located near the top of the post under vendors

After cutting the cake we finished Roger & Amanda's newly wed portraits. Roger was just so pumped about marrying Amanda that he started dancing. Amanda, gently placed her hands on either side of his head and just slowly breathed. At that moment I felt like I was watching two souls truly calm each other.

private moment shared between newly weds in zebulon north carolina
bride and groom after cermony portraits on halloween
bride and groom smiling at photographer

“When you meet your ‘soul mate’ you’ll feel calm. No anxiety, no agitation.”

The rest of the celebration was truly beautiful. The guests danced and had a blast. The best man and maid of honor gave lovely speeches. Amanda & Roger had their first dance.

maid of honor reading from smart phone her speech
maid of honor and bride hugging
best man reading his speech under deejay rentals outdoor tent
groom showing off his move in front of bride
bride and groom smiling during their first dance

Amanda danced with her mother and father.

bride hugging her mom during her reception
bride hugging her father during intimate wedding reception

Once the night came to and end the sun was setting and it was time to say goodbye. But of course the day wouldn't have been finished without a fond sparkler farewell.

bride and groom dance during their intimate sparkler exit
bride and groom kiss as they touch light sparklers together