First I want to say thank you!

I'm elated that you've decided to let me photograph the beginning of ya'lls journey together. Lets not only take gorgeous pictures, but lets create an experience that you'll never forget!

In this guide you'll find some guidelines and tips and tricks to prepare for your upcoming session. These are just suggestions, at the end of the day, I want you to feel comfortable and love your photographs.

We'll go over what to expect from the me and the photoshoot, how to make sure your outfits are complimentary and FIRE!!!


  • detailed top + simple bottom (skirt or pants)
  • solid top + printed bottom (skirt or pants)
  • Dress (detailed, printed or solid)
  • Dress + loose fitting pullover (+ belt)
  • Dress + collared top underneath
  • Optional outer wear: cardigan, coat, blazer, shawl
  • DETAILS: Jewelry, belt, scarf, hair piece, tights


  • Dress shirt (long sleeve or short sleeve/printed or solid) + bottoms (pants or shorts)
  • Henley polo, nice t-shirt + bottoms (pants or shorts)
  • Suite set
  • Optional outerwear: blazers, cardigans, jacket, coats, vests
  • DETAILS: tie, bowtie suspenders, hat

Still not sure what to wear? Look below for some inspiration from past sessions

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Just Remember!

Take the location of your photoshoot into mind! It'll change the overall feel and vibe of your shooot.

What to expect?

Yes, at first it's going to feel super awkard the first few minutes we start the session, but don't worry! You guys will quickly adapt. Here are few tips to help you and your significant other look fabulous

Constantly be in physical contact

Always try to hold your other half's waist or arms (especially hold hands. SO CUTE) Invade each others space. It looks much better on camera

Keep eye-contact

Like an uncomfortable amount..... Don't trip of course, but when you get the chance, gaze into each other eyes. It looks super intimate and really showcases the love you have for each other!

And last but not least

Smile! Laugh! Have fun! Be yourselves! I want to capture the most authentic moments between you two. Once it's all over, it'll just another fun date to add to books.