Weddings & Elopements

groom nervously waiting to see his bride for the first time
groom getting ready for his elopement by buttoning his shirt
groom loss at gorgeous bride in awe
bride smiling shyly at groom
groom expressing excitement at seeing bride during the first look
groom staring lovingly at the woman he's about to marry
bride shyly looking down
groom wiping away tears
in love groom and bride on a rock touching foreheads and noses
bride holding bouquet touching her forehead to her groom
bride laughing at a comment from one of the wedding attendees
groom reading his vows nervously from his phone
bride and groom tying their hands together in cultural ceremony
newly weds staring lovingly into each others eyes in the woods
couple celebrating their elopement at raven rock state park in North Carolina
post ceremony pictures of newly weds in front of a body of water
details of the brides wedding dress sleeve
husband helping new wife cross a river
newly wed couple smile in relief of the completion of their marriage ceremony